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For holder copyright: You can claim to us for remove any document if you are believe that a certain document has been uploaded on Answerdone by someone your copyright or your brand, Just inform us by sending the Proof that you have hold the copyright of the certain document.
For Holding copyright you have to provide us the required information by email to support@answerdone.com

Following Are the Requirements Before Requesting us to Remove the Document

A clear details about the copyrighted work broke;

• The URL about the document which is on over site.

• An articulation that you have a decent confidence conviction that the utilization of the substance distinguished in your notification isn't approved by the copyright proprietor, its specialist or the law;

• Your contact data, (for example, your name, physical location, email address, and phone number); and

• A confirmation, under punishment of prevarication, that the DMCA notice is exact, marked (either electronically or truly) by the copyright proprietor or the copyright proprietor's lawful agent.

• Before you document your DMCA notice if you don't mind cautiously consider whether the utilization of copyrighted material at issue is ensured by the Fair Use principle. On the off chance that you document a DMCA notice when there is no encroaching use, you could be subject to expenses and lawyer's charges. In the event that you are uncertain whether somebody's utilization of your copyrighted material adds up to encroachment if you don't mind contact a lawyer. You may likewise need to counsel freely accessible reference materials, for example, those found at the U.S.copyright Office site or the Chilling Effects site.

• Once we get your DMCA Request, we will survey it, make an assurance on the encroachment, and inform you in an ideal way. On the off chance that we find that the DMCA necessities have been fulfilled, we will opportune evacuate the encroaching substance.

Can we Upload Other’s Documents

You are not allowed to upload solved assignments that are not your own, Otherwise, your account will be removed when anyone Informed us about the copyright. For people using Answerdone, this means you are just allowed to sell those documents that are your own. When uploading any document, you shall behold all the rights of that particular document.

Note: Don’t use Answerdone if you want to sell other’s documents.

What does your privacy policy say?

Our privacy policy makes part of these Terms and Conditions. Children under the age of 13 years are not allowed to register with this site. While using this site make sure you are above 13. If your child has added personally identifiable data, confirm that he/she has done under your supervision or contact us at support@answerdone.com to remove that data, permanently.


Security and registration
To become a member of Answerdone you need to sign up or make an account. Choose a user name (“Answerdone ID”), and password. Put your email address and the country you live in. Tell us “who you are?” You may be a learner, a tutor, a school, college, or a university student.

Make sure to provide accurate and updated data about yourself. You have no right to use someone’s name, personal ID, and other data. We are not responsible in case you provide wrong or someone else information. You have no right to transfer your account to anyone without our permission. One account can be created per person. Terminated accounts cannot be restored and you cannot make the second account, after the suspension of the previous one.

You promise us that your age is enough to make a contract. If your age is below 13 then you are not allowed to make the contract. Alternatively, your parents or guardian can make the contract with Answerdone on your behalf.

Authorization of use

Promise that you would use the site for your personal use and the third party, according to the laws that apply to you. You are not permitted to use our services when inhibited by law and we are not responsible in case you break any law.

We do not take responsibility for the Content

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content. The assignments and other study content would belong to the specific tutor or other sellers (“student,” or “learner”).

Copyrighted content

You agree that you would not use the content for any such purpose that goes against the law of copyright. Answerdone may allow free access to some content. You can download some data free of cost, but keep in mind that you have no right to use this content against the restrictions provided by the law.

Writes and obligations to your submission

Your submission would be public and visible to each user. We recommended you not to add your personal information to any document. In other cases, we would not be responsible for any issue.

Answerdone has been just a simple platform that connects you and others. We are not responsible for the accuracy and quality of content that you upload. We are not involved in dealing with any third party and we have no right to use your content.

After submission of your document at Answerdone, your ownership status would remain the same. You can use your submission in your way.

Restrictions apply while using our service

PROMISE US THAT YOU WOULD NOT SUBMIT OR UPLOAD COPYRIGHT VIOLATING MATERIAL. You are strongly restricted to the following, mentioned below.

Violation of someone's intellectual copyright, including Answerdone;

1) Uploading of deceptive, threatening, harmful, seductive, and other objectionable content (by tutor, student, or other users; who want to sell assignments);
2) Try to get the personal or account information of another user;
3) Risk the security and privacy of Answerdone and other users;
4) Present any type of virus that is harmful to Answerdone in any way; or
5) Scrapping the content by manual or through automated tools.

Any of the actions mentioned above would lead to the account suspension.

Someone exploiting your copyright

It is our responsibility to respect your privacy and rights. If you encounter any content that is infringing your copyright, let us know. We are bound to terminate that account and delete that content.

Who is responsible for what you do on Answerdone?

Anyone who produces and submits the content is responsible for it. We have nothing to do with what you do and the damage followed by it. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the content uploaded by a tutor or someone else. In short, we do not own the liability of the content uploaded by any user.

Any transaction, payment, and other dealings, only, belong to you and the third-party (maybe “individual” or “organization”). We recommend you to have the necessary information about that individual or organization before any transaction and dealing. Alternatively, we would not be responsible for any kind of loss and damage.

If there is a dispute between two or more users or between users and a third party, you have no right to involve the Answerdone (and “employee,” “officers,” “agent’” and any “staff member”) in it.


You must agree to the following terms to use the services of Answerdone:

1) Our payment information may be changed from time to time;
2) To sign up as a tutor, you must have the required education, and the study content that you would upload would be accurate and not misleading;
3) Take in part to maintain the quality of Answerdone by staying up to date;
4) Tutor, student, and any other user have no right to interfere with the matters of other users;
5) You will not take part in any activity that demands Answerdone to get a license for it.

We pointed out some main points to focus on. You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.


Charges at Answerdone
Answerdone provides you free access to any document and it charges for the other documents. You have to make immediate payment to get the paid access. We recommend you to read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Changes in Answerdone Service
Answerdone has the right to change and update the service at any time. It may add a new feature or quiet the other. The steps would be taken with or without notification. This service can remove, terminate, or suspend any account or some content if fails to follow the rules.

Refund Policy
All the payment that has been cleared, and after 7 days would not be refunded. But, we are bound to refund the payment that comes under the specific conditions.

These conditions are as follows:

1) You have received the wrong document;
1) You have got the wrong answer to the question or the answer you received does don’t full fill the requiremets;
1) You have other valid reasons.

For further information, you can contact us at answerdone4@gmail.com or support@answerdone.com.


Charges at Answerdone
This service is meant to provide the platform to buy and sell your assignments. We do not check the educational background of the tutor or the student (who want to sell their teaching services and old assignments) and the quality of the content. You should understand that the content may contain offensive data, but it belongs to the specific person that had uploaded it. You can not blame Answerdone in this case.