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Answerdone is an online platform that offers you sell or buy your assignments. You can get the answers to your questions, or have guidance from any tutor.

The services of this site are available 24/7. Answerdone always tries to provide you a very nice service. Answerdone covers every subject from business to finance, biology to mathematics, literature to life science, and every subject in between.

You can clear your concepts and have a good preparation for the exams.

Answerdone provides a space for students and tutors to share various types of study stuff and, in the end, leaving you with the maximum marks in the exams. These data include:

  • Lecture notes, study guide, essay, presentation, assignments, textbook explanation, and other documents related to exams.
  • It covers almost all the subjects like Accounting, Business culture, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Management, Computer science, Health and medical, law, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Science, Chemistry, and English.
  • Tutors are available 24/7, who are always there to provide the answers to your question.

A student, tutor (or instructor), learner, or other users (buyer or seller) can sign up at Answerdone. The point to focus on is that the registration information should be authentic and correct. You can not use the information data of the second person.

The minimum age of the Answerdone user should be more than 13. For further information, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

There is a very simple way you can follow to search your required documents.
At the upper right corner of each page, you will find a search bar; named “Search Product.” Put your keyword and hit enter. You can find the specific document, including assignments, question answers, lecture notes, or other study documents.
You can find a specific course from the respective menu.

To ask a question, you must have to register at Answerdone. If you are already a member of this site, log into your account.

At the upper menu, hit the button named; “Post Your Question.” Make a question here and receive your answer within the shortest time.

Any user (a tutor, student, or a learner) can earn on Answerdone. There are multiple ways for this purpose. You can increase your income by selling the assignment, or other study-related stuff. You can provide answers to the questions, too.

To purchase any required document or assignment, click on that specific document link and add it to your cart. You have to log in to your account for this purpose.

Alternatively, you can click on the “Purchase Document” at the upper menu. Choose the payment method that is available in the country you live in.

Getting the benefit of Answerdone’s service to increase knowledge, explore a topic, or getting help in your homework or assignment is not cheating at all.

We state that Answerdone is mean to increase your learning skills and provide help in your studies. So, if someone misuses its services is liable to be banned by Answerdone permanently.

To use the Answerdone, each user has to follow the Terms specified by us. We have zero-tolerance regarding copyright and other privacy. Kindly visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

We love to support and help our customers. Use the “Contact Us” at the end of this page. Alternatively, you can mail us at or

You will get a response from 24 hours to 7 days.

Answerdone lets its users learn and earn at the same time. This site welcomes every student who wants to make extra income by selling their assignments or uploading lecture notes. On the other hand, the tutor can guide the students and learners any time; and anywhere in the world.

The question is any statement through which learners get help from the tutor at any time. To get all services from this site, we recommend you to make an account and have maximum advantage.

Answerdone offers you free answers of any book and paid services for assignments, both. You can access some documents free of cost, and for other documents, you have to pay. You can use your paypal account to purchase any assignment or notes. We recommend you to prefer the method that is available in your country.

The total earning from a single document varies, depending upon the time you sold the same file. You can sell a single document from 200 to 400 times, or even more.

You final earning may depend upon the initial price that you set for a document. On the very busy days of exams, the demand for the best stuff increases. You will earn 70% of the set price.